Marketing Automation

Marketing automation services encompass a wide spectrum of digital tools and techniques designed to streamline and enhance marketing efforts. By automating repetitive tasks such as email marketing, text messaging (SMS), every door direct mail (EDDM), and other digital channels, businesses can significantly improve their efficiency, reach, and results.

Marketing Automation Hyper-Targeted EDDM

Marketing Automation Services by Quantum Marketing Design

Digital marketing automation tools allow for the integration of multiple channels, enabling businesses to seamlessly manage their online presence and campaigns across various platforms. By leveraging marketing automation services, businesses can effectively nurture leads, drive conversions, and build lasting relationships with their customers.

  • A Vital Component of Any Business Strategy
  • Ability to Target a Specific Audience
  • Choose the Most Suitable Channels to Promote Products & Services

Email Marketing Automation allows for the creation and scheduling of personalized email campaigns, offering targeted messages based on subscriber preferences and behaviors.

SMS Marketing Automation enables businesses to engage with customers directly through text messages, providing timely updates, promotions, and transactional notifications.

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) Automation helps businesses reach local audiences with targeted print marketing materials delivered to specific neighborhoods or demographics. Contact us to discuss how Quantum Marketing Design can help with the sucess of your business goals.

Marketing Automation Services Case Study

Lake Tahoe Designs

The client needed to bring a more professional and trust worthy look to their business. We created a logo and style guide based on the geographic location of the business. This logo has been featured in local advertising and signage. The client also needed an online web presence to sell their products. We designed and setup their Shopify website and theme design. We used photos taken from their mobile phones to create the product images used with the Shopify website.